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Adams Enterprises, Trampoline Service Center is located in a small community east of Lubbock, Texas. We have been selling and repairing trampolines for both return and new customers for more than 20 years.

We at Adams Enterprises, Trampoline Service Center would like you, the customer, to know that your needs are important to us. We answer your questions about trampolines and advise you, to the best of our knowledge, to make you comfortable about upgrading a trampoline or buying a new one. High pressure tactics are not tolerated at this company. Our goal is to provide you with friendly service and complete customer satisfaction.

Adam's Enterprises Trampoline Services Center is America's #1 Trampoline Services Center, specializing in making high-quality trampoline mats, pads, and family fun for over 20 years!

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Adams Enterprises Trampoline Services Center Adams Enterprises Trampoline Services Center offers brand-new trampolines at affordable prices and USA-made quality mats made in our Texas-based facility. We have over 20 years of experience and are dedicated to providing quality trampoline products. We use only the very best quality materials, and test the products we sell. Many of our customers include professional gymnastics and trampoline coaches, rebounder class leaders, and parents with children. We recieve great comments about our service and quality - click here to read customer comments! One reason we recieve such good response from our trampoline customers is that we only offer trampolines we would want our own family to jump on. In addition, we provide all the essential trampoline safety features like trampoline enclosures, trampoline nets and trampoline safety pads to cover the steel frame and springs. We manufacture the highest quality mats in our Texas facility with our own family having a hands-on part in constructing the mats to ensure the highest quality. Additionally, we use only the highest quality materials and strive to always buy USA materials. We believe in offering the very best service and products, that are made well with USA-made craftsmanship. This is why we believe our mats are second to none, and many professional coaches agree - ordering their mats for major gymnastic competitions and training from the Adams Enterprises Trampoline Services Center.
Sometimes people ask us how we are able to offer our trampoline mats at such affordable prices. Let us assure you, these are not "cheap" mats, but we have made them affordable by utilizing our inventory very wisely. We always try to remain cost competitive, and during the current economy we are striving to keep our prices low in order to accommodate our customer's needs. As such, we have committed to keeping our prices as low as we possibly can throughout 2010. We know these mats could be sold for much higher prices, but we believe that as Americans we have to work hard and in times such as these, make price adjustments to serve our customers.
Please remember, we manufacture trampolines mats for all the major brands including Jumpsport, Jumpking, Funspot, Hedstrom, Airmaster, Orbounder and more! In addition to our new products and services, f
or the budget-conscious, we offer trampoline refurbishment services that can make your old trampoline the source for new family fun with a new mat or mat resew at a price that is cheaper than any we know of - our quality resews start at $69.99!
Save money and have fun! Call today for West-Texas friendly service. Lubbock residents can call our local number: 577-5243 or visit for local promotions.

USA-Made Mats start at $140!
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This Trampoline Mat features deluxe double stitching and high-durability webbing
Whether you're looking for a new trampoline mat, to replace your trampoline springs, trampoline replacement mats, trampoline accessories, trampoline resews, or trampoline safety pads, net enclosures or other safety equipment, our staff can help! We'll provide you the information necessary so you know how to measure a trampoline mat exactly and we'll tell you what information you need to determine your best option with great results! We've got a great stock of new trampolines at wonderful prices. Because we aim to offer you the very best and most affordable pricing on trampolines, we offer customer service representatives to provide trampoline orders and quotes via phone. Personal service and professional quality -- that's what you'll find at Adams Enterprises Trampoline Service Center.
We try to always keep our prices competitive, give us a call and ask us about our specials, products or options.

Trampoline mat and Trampoline Pads from TrampolineServices

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One of the most important things to think about when purchasing a new trampoline, a trampoline mat or having your old trampoline mat repaired is the longevity of the product you are purchasing. You want quality and an affordable trampoline - but being able to discern what will hold up over time is a skill that can only come from years of experience. We have that experience - 19 years in the trampoline industry. We know you want good service that will allow you to get your trampoline mat installed, and get your family enjoying the fun that comes with spring and the trampoline in your back yard! That's why we make every effort to provide the very best service for our customers both before and after the sale.

Contact us today for more information about our great products and our highly sought-after sturdy trampolines with higher weight limits (350 lbs, 400 lbs, 450 lbs) for durability that allow family members of all sizes to jump into the fun! offers the very best brands in the industry, including Texas Trampolines, Magic Circle and many others! In addition we offer our own line of custom-made mats fabricated in our Lubbock-based region warehouse facility. We use the highest quality materials and our quality is second to none. We have been making mats for over 19 years and have become a name people in the industry trust. Give us a call today and find out the TrampolineServices Difference!

List Price: $99.50
Our Price: $94.99

United States of America

Our Mats are Made in America
with US Made materials - We
believe in supporting American
businesses, and our quality
reflects American-made standards.

The Trampolines we sell are also
Made in the USA.

Thank you for your interest in our products and services.

Pat and Patty Adams
Phone: 1-800-753-5378

Adams Enterprises Trampoline Mat Manufacturing/Warehouse is located in Eastern Lubbock.

The Adams Enterprises Trampoline Service Center.
Address: 3408 CR 3960
Lorenzo, Texas 79343


Phone: 1-800-753-5378

Owners: Pat and Patty Adams