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Buying a trampoline mat is an important purchase because your loved ones are going to be jumping on it. In addition to looking for quality and essential safety features, there are many considerations to take into mind.
Quality materials are the foundation of a good trampoline mat. They impact the performance and "bounce" of the mat, and good quality materials like the ones used by our Trampoline Services Center make trampoline mats that actually extend the life of your investment and carry an appropriate warranty. There are choices like the color of trampoline mat that you wish - you can choose from blue trampoline mat fabric, basic black trampoline mat fabric, or purple, pink, or green fabrics in many cases.
The shape of trampoline you choose is often based on the space you have available. Generally, it is best to adhere to manufacture's specifications related to how close to position your trampoline to other objects and our experienced staff will be happy to discuss these considerations with you. The trampoline frame you choose will be essential to your trampoline structure and performance.
Cost does play a role in quality. If someone pays 150 dollars for a trampoline, then they are getting a 150-dollar trampoline. Likewise, heavier gauage steel and thicker, better quality mat materials, including features such as extra stitching on the trampoline mat all cost more money, and the end product is therefore costs more; however, the value that one recieves from these product greatly outweighs the difference in cost. There is no substitute for quality.
We hope you learn a great deal from our information. The Trampoline Services Center is here to offer 24-hour information and service. We believe in our products, we take pride in our service, and we stand by our work. We offer the very best in trampoline mat construction and materials, and when people buy a trampoline mat from, they know they have come to a company who will stand by their warranty.
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