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Trampoline Safety Tips

Be sure your trampoline is level on the ground.

Be sure you have plenty of clearance around the trampoline. 2 or more around the frame is a good starting point.

Do not put the trampoline near a fence.

Do not put the trampoline close to the house.

It is common for jumpers to get hurt when more than one person is jumping at a time.

When an adult is jumping with a small child, remember the adult has more body weight and this can cause the small child to loose complete control.

Always be on the lookout for worn parts so they can be replaced right away.

For beginner jumpers try marking a circle or large X at the center of the mat. This will help a beginner jumper know where to stay.

Do not try to do tricks you have not been properly trained for.

Keep your balance; this can be accomplished by focusing your eyes on the trampoline mat.

Avoid jumping too high. Always control your jump. A controlled jump is one where the take off and land spots are the same.

Have a spotter; this is a mature person standing near the trampoline offering suggestions and tips.

Do not use the trampoline as a springboard to other objects.

Most accidents are caused when children and adults do crazy stunts. When a person jumps onto a trampoline from the roof of a house or from a tree they are going to loose control and end up on the ground. The best prevention is common sense.