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Our Trampoline enclosures are very affordable and durable. We offer enclosures for each of our trampolines, and they can be purchased online for the individual trampoline when you go to order the trampoline, you can choose this option by clicking the checkbox "Add Enclosure" in the grey box on the page for a given trampoline. We have chosen to do this for a number of reasons including: to maintain lower prices for our customers, to ensure that customers can easily choose the proper enclosure size for a given trampoline, and to maintain the higest quality standards for our products.

Trampoline enclosures are a very important part of your investment, you need to be assured that they are well made and use quality materials to provide the best level of protection possible. For many of our round trampolines, we offer full Magic Cages which are sewn directly to the mat to eliminate gaps.

These Magic Cage Enclosures are made with heavy duty 14 gauge galvanized steel to prevent rusting and 8 springs with tapered ends provide a superior bounce. These springs are also used to secure the cage to the poles. When a jumper impacts the cage, the springs stretch to lessen the strain on the cage material. Pads are made with 8oz. vinyl and high density foam safely covering the frame usually last 3 years.

Each pad has a spring pocket on each end for a spring to slide into to keep the pads from slipping and sliding on the frame. The steel poles supporting the cage slips into sockets welded securely to the legs. The foam poles have been out in the sun for over 4 years and have not weakened they have a protective coating over the extruded foam providing extra security. The unique cage is sewn directly to the jumping mat for absolute safety. The tight weave of the cage keeps fingers, buttons, etc. from getting caught in the mesh. It is an extremely strong durable mesh. The mesh is made from the same fibers as the jumping mat - UV protected. If you want to purchase an enclosure by itself, or if you have additional questions, please call us today at the 800 number listed above, 800-753-5378. Our friendly staff is always happy to help. Thank you for visiting!

Pricing (NOTE:shipping is additional and must be added to the following prices)
14X16 $579.00; 14X14 $549; 8X14 $349; 8X8 $239

We also offer a quality round enclosure for trampolines size 10 to 14 feet.

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Round Trampoline Enclosures: Size ranges from 10-foot to 14-foot trampolines
We offer affordable, durable, high-quality safety enclosures for each of our trampolines.