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Below you will find comments from our valued customers.
Dear Patty & Pat,

I'm just home today from my Texas trip with the mat you made for me. I put it on right away and it fits !
I know that is why you planned and held out for exact measurements carefully. That obviously pays off & I am grateful for your professionalism.
Once again thanks for your great service !


Miles B.

"I've loved the experience I've had with - they have the very best customer service I've ever encountered. They are very honest and I think they have great quality. The mat stitching is perfect. We reccomend them anytime. Thanks Pat!"
"Hello Adams Trampoline people!   We received our new trampoline mat in time for our big party as you all promised!  We thought we had better spend the 30 dollars extra for special shipping, to be sure it got here in time, and your company told us we need not - and lo and behold it came within two days.   And, it is well made, sturdier and all around (pun intended)  better than the mat that was on our trampoline. We appreciate the customer service too - since we called you about a thousand times to be sure we were measuring the old mat correctly.   The mat's construction reminds me of what "Made in America"  means - Thank you so much for your professionalism and quality.  We will definitely be buying from you again. But, probably not a mat for a very long time!    Thanks again,   The Everhart Family"
"When I bought the trampoline, it was really for the kids - but the heavy-duty construction allowed me to jump as well. I'm hooked - now I love it just as much as the kiddos. That's something that's great - to spend time together as a family. Thanks so much ! The Irllbecks"
"What impressed me about is their dedication to fixing problems that arose and their attention to detail that helped me finally get the right measurements and a mat that fit my trampoline. I had tried multiple times with other companies, but their stuff didn't fit. Pat helped me take proper measurements and took the extra time needed to get the information right. When we did have a problem, the return and exchange was easy and resolved quickly. I can't say enough about how hard these people work to make sure the customer is satisifed. You can tell the difference when you work with people that make their products, and when you buy US-made you get real good quality. They are proud of their work and their company and I think it shows because they really went the extra mile for us. I sure reccomend them. - A. Lewis"
"We love our new mat and pad.  Thank you so much for all the helpful information on your website that made it possible to figure out what I needed to order.  It was very thoughtful of you to upgrade our pad at no extra cost.  It looks beautiful and is very sturdy.  The kids and husband are enjoying being able to use our trampoline again after our original broke this past fall.  You even have fast delivery service! 
Thanks again. Annalee A. "
We received and installed the Mat, Pads & cover today. Fits Great! Thanks again for your excellent customer service & product.
Isaac & Kimberly E.