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Protecting your investment is a very important part of our services. We offer a 3 year warranty on many of our trampoline mats, and we like to offer you information that will help you enjoy your trampoline for years to come.

When it comes to buying a trampoline, you should look for quality materials. The mats should offer a good warranty and feature double stitching for best quality. Additionally, the trampoline mat material should be cut properly so that your mat snuggly fits when stretched with the springs, but does not over extend the trampoline springs (this would cause additional wear to your trampoline springs and shorten their longevity of use.)

If you're interested in using your trampoline for professional study of gynastics or competetive trampoline conditioning,  you should consider that most professionals reccomend a rectangle or square trampoline for this use. When constructed properly of high-quality steel trampoline frames, these trampolines dispense the power from each jump more evenly and provide more area for the complex tricks/stunts associated with competetive trampolining.

Additionally, you should take into account your own use. The weight of those who will be utilizing the trampoline, and purchase a trampoline that will be rated appropriately. For example, we offer high-quality trampolines. Our heavy-weight trampolines are rated for use as follows: 350 lb trampoline, 400 lb trampoline, 450 lb trampoline. They are made to be used by higher weight individuals who want to get in shape and enjoy the fun of jumping on a trampoline with the rest of their family.

Finally, don't be fooled by lower-priced items from discount department stores that don't specialize in trampolines. They carry a wide range of inventory, but often it's from other countries and features questionable materials or non-standard quality. Many times, we've had to fix mats for customers who purchsed them at these big department stores that don't specialize in trampolines, but carry a very large inventory of sports-related products. Unlike our company, those stores can't have the expertise necessary to provide adequate guidance related to trampoline products. Our staff has been in the trampoline industry for over 19 years. We know the intricate details of the entire construction of trampolines, trampoline mats, and the accessories for these trampolines. We know what makes thigns work right and we know what does not. We also know what makes something a quality item, and what you should avoid. We at offer the very best in quality materials, craftsmanship and customer service for all our trampoline customers. We are proudly family owned and operated with USA-made quality at our warehouse and factory located in West Texas.

We at Adams Enterprises Trampoline Services Center would be honored to speak with you about any of your trampoline needs and concerns. We want you to be satisfied and make strong purchasing decisions that offer you and your family the very best quality, trampoline safety and reliability. Thank you for visiting us at