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Pads extend past frame
Our pad style is extra large, with additional lips to ensure not only that the fram is well covered, but also that the springs and stitching is protected too - ensuring the very best quality and safety to extend your investement for years to come!
It's important because we know that the number one priority for your purchase is to provide a good covering for the frame and provide necessary protection for those using the trampoline. We at Adams Enterprises Trampoline Services Center take pride in our work and our goal is customer satisfaction and high quality every time!
 As you can see the complete set of Adams Enterprises Trampoline Services Center offers more bounce for your buck! We utilize more tie downs to protect your investment from wind damage and to secure the safety pads well!
Ladders are important for stepping up Here an installer demonstrates the effect high winds would have on a safety pad - our specailly-made premium rectangle pads are still secure, keeping mat, springs and frame protected.
In addition to custom-made mats, premium pads, and quality trampolines, we offer essential accessories like this high-quality ladder.

We also offer premium double stitching using only the very best materials for maximum durability. With our products, you can actually see the difference - it's clearly superior with the second row of stitching on deluxe rectangle pads and mats. Not only that, but we also offer hard-to-find high quality Heavy-Duty springs treated to weather well!

Pads with premium filling 
Our deluxe pads feature a very high quality filling that you can tell when you hold in your hands offers good coverage and cusion-like protection.
below you still see the differenceEven in areas that are typically hidden from view, you can see the Adam's Enterprises Trampoline Services Quality difference - when looking from below the trampoline, you will see the same high-quality secure fasters, the quality stitiching, and high-quality materials used makes a difference. And we do the same quality for for our mats that work with all major brands including: Jumpking, Hedstrom, Airmaster, Hercules, Tohama, Leisure Kingdom, Texas, JumpSport, Bazoongi, Nissen, Flexible Flyer, Roadmaster, NBF, Airzone, Variflex, Parkside, Skywalker Trampolines and Parts, Bounce Pro, Airborne, Orbounder, Jump Pro, Jumpsport, Pro Jump, Airzone, NBF, Sky Bouncer, Bazoongi, Bollinger, Supertramp, Lifestyles USA, Orbounder, Bravo Sports, Propel, JumpZone, from companies like Walmart, Kmart, Dicks Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, Sports Authority, Sams Club, Costco, Toys R Us, Menards and more!
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At Adam's Enterprises, the quality extends throughout the process from our customer service to our product and delivery - we want you to know that you will be recieving something made with pride and not just to look good but to perform well, a trampoline mat that will provide durable quality and fun for your family for years to come!