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A re-sew is needed when the stitching of a trampoline mat has worn out due to the effect of the sun's UV rays. The best way to determine if you need a re-sew is as follows;

  • Black straps pull away from fabric.

  • Metal hardware attached to fabric falls off.

  • Stitching no longer visible and mat is hanging towards the ground.

If this sounds like your trampoline mat then a resew is needed in most cases. Please note we do not offer patching. Once a hole, tear, snag, deep scratch or cut of any type has developed on your mat, it could become a safety hazard.

Basic Resew $49.95

With a basic resew all straps and hardware are reattached to your mat with six rows of stitching; there is an extra charge for missing pieces.

Deluxe Resew $65.00

The deluxe resew is a standard resew with a blue band that is stitched over the top of the six rows of stitching. The band shades the stitching from the sun and helps it last longer.

Supreme Resew $80.00

The supreme resew is a deluxe resew, but all the black straps are replaced with new straps.

All prices are plus return shipping. Please feel free to call us with any questions (1-800-753-5378). We will be happy to help you determine if a resew is needed or a new mat.