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Adams Enterprises Trampoline Mats in Blue and Black Fabric  
Because we manufacture the mats in our Texas-based shop, we are able to customize our products to your color desire. This does cost an additional price, and thus many people choose not to exercise this option, but we have had people very interested in colors at times. Our Blue Trampoline mats were in very high demand. There are other colors as well, which can be coordinated to your home and landscape design  - beige, pink, green-white. (Colors do vary by availability and there are some which may not be available at a given time. Please contact our customer service reps for more information.)

A trampoline is a beautiful thing, and these colors just accentuate the lines and features, allowing them to fade into the landscape or stand out as the homeowner wishes. Like all our mats, these lovely mats are durable and of the utmost quality. The color however, is a feature that offers lower surface temperature for jumpers in sunny conditions - (black mats get hotter, just like a black car would sitting in the sun).

Call today and ask about these great mats, which feature all our other quality materials and craftsmanship - made in our Texas-based trampoline services warehouse by US citizens. These mats feature a 5 year warranty.

This is a mat in the last stages of the process - we use only quality thread and multiple rows of stitching to ensure the best bounce.

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