Standard Round Trampoline Mats 14ft Frame Size


Please note there are many different trampolines on today’s market with various ring count and spring length. Because of this there is no “one mat fits all”. Our mats are custom made to fit your frame and usually ship in one or two days. If you are unsure of which mat to order please give us a call at 1-800-753-5378

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Our standard round trampoline mat is a basic mat with v-rings held in place by six rows of stitching and offered in various ring counts; such as 88, 96, 100, 104. The standard mat comes with a 2-year warranty on the stitching and a 5-year limited warranty on the fabric.

How to Measure for a Round Replacement Trampoline Mat

Step 1; Take 4 individual measurements from a spring hole on one side of the trampoline frame to the spring hole on the opposite side of the trampoline frame. (This works best if you have two people measuring). You will be measuring straight across the frame. Once you take your first measurement simply count 5 springs holes to your right and your helper will count 5 spring holes to their right and then you will have your 2nd measurement, continue until you have a total of 4 measurements. Please note measurements in inches.

Step 2; Count the total spring holes in your trampoline frame. Some frames will have 88, 96, 100, 104 etc.

Step 3; Measure the length of 2 or 3 trampoline springs. These need to be measured in a relaxed state, not stretched out in any way, while off the trampoline frame. Be sure to include the hook at each end of the spring when you measure. Some springs will measure 7 inches or 8.5 inches.

What is your first spring hole to spring hole measurement?
What is your second spring hole to spring hole measurement?
What is your third spring hole to spring hole measurement?
What is your fourth spring hole to spring hole measurement?
What is the total number of spring holes in your frame?
What is the total length of spring?

If you are confused please call us at 800-753-5378 and we will be happy to walk you through this over the phone.

Additional information

Mate Size

12', 11' 10", 11' 9", 11' 8", 11' 6", 11' 5", 11' 4"

Ring Count

100, 104, 96

Spring Length

8 inches, 8.5 inches