When it comes to buying a trampoline quality is the key. On today’s market there are many discount trampolines which are not designed to last. If you are currently looking to buy a quality trampoline for your family here are a few things to watch for when shopping.

Length of spring; you will want a trampoline that has springs that are 8 1/ 2 inch or 9 inch in length.

Stoutness of the trampoline frame. Most discount frames are made with light weight steel so look for a trampoline frame that was made from a heavy steel. A good example of this is a round trampoline frame that has four top rails and four one piece legs instead of a top rail that has eight or more sections and legs that are made up of several sections.

If you live in an area where used trampoline frames are easily found, such as in West Texas, this just might be the best option. Look for the old Jumpking Sidlinger rectangle frame, the old AMF Octagon frame, the old Hercules round frame, or the old Regal round frame. Older frames were built to last a lifetime and are well worth the investment.

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