Recently a lady called to inquire whether or not we offered a replacement trampoline mat for her trampoline frame. We told her all of our trampoline mats are made here in Texas and are custom made. It turned out that this particular customer had been searching for sometime for a replacement mat, but other companies wanted to send her what they thought would work instead of sending what was needed.

By offering our customers a “made in the U.S.A.” trampoline mat we are able to make exactly what is needed. Years ago there were basic trampolines on the market and it was easy to keep in stock what was  needed for those trampolines, but nowadays it’s impossible to keep basic sizes on hand because there are too many trampolines available and most of them are imported.

Our customer has a 12-foot round trampoline frame and needed a 10-foot round mat, but she needed her mat to have 72-rings; most 12-round trampoline frames come with 84-rings. She was constantly advised, by other companies, to just use a mat with extra rings, but she really wanted a mat with the correct number count.

Another problem our customer was having was the length of springs her trampoline came with; her springs were 7-inches. You see, the length of a trampoline spring determines the size of your trampoline mat. Shorter springs gives you a slightly bigger mat, but shorter springs aren’t always the best choice.

Our customer decided to replace her 7-inch springs with 8.5-inch springs. We then custom made her a new trampoline mat to fit her 12-frame with the needed 72-rings.

If you are needing a replacement trampoline mat, give us a call to custom make you a replacement.